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Prediction on America's presidency 2016 !!!

Prediction on America's presidency
American animation series, The Simpons, has been known to make several accurate predictions about the future, and turns out it may be right about the scariest one of all — Donald Trump as president.

The episode, which is set in the future, revolves around Lisa Simpson as the first female US president, following the presidency of Donald Trump, who, according to Secretary Van Houten, has left the country broke.

“The story was really about Bart saving Lisa’s presidency,” episode writer Dan Greaney tells The Washington Post. “Lisa has a problem beyond her ability” — the kind that only Bart can solve.

The Harvard educated writer claims, “I never would have predicted this campaign.”

But how did the series arrive at President Trump out of all people?

Trump was just the right comedic fit at the time, explains Greaney, noting that they needed a name that sounded absurd.

Besides, Greaney says, “He seems like a ‘Simpsons’-esque figure — he fits right in there, in an over-the-top way.”

“But now that he’s running for president, I see that in such a darker way,” the veteran writer continues. “He seemed kind of lovable in the old days, in a blowhard way.”

Will Trump win and become president, like the episode predicted?

“No, I don’t think Trump can win,” the writer says. “But the show is a collective, so our collective mind might have a different answer.”
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While it’s evident that Trump becomes president in this episode, could Lisa Simpson be Hilary Clinton’s avatar?

“Lisa is (age) 8 on the show, and she would have to be at least 35 to be president,” Greaney says, “So 27 years is time for a lot of other presidents.”

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