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Roswell UFO Crash | 66 Years Of Unanswered Questions


Roswell UFO Crash : 

One of the biggest mysteries of ufology, the case of an alien spacecraft that would have fallen on Earth in 1947 near the city of Roswell, in the United States, has just won a new piece. On Tuesday 5, a group of ufologists gathered at an event in New Mexico reported the discovery of slides that supposedly contain photos of alien captured by the US government for nearly seventy years. According to organizers, the photos have been taken by Bernard A. Ray, a geologist who worked near Roswell in the 40's, and were found in an envelope in the attic of the house that belonged to him. One of those responsible for finding, the researcher Anthony Baraglia, even said: "This humanoid is not a deformed person, a mummy, a monkey or a puppet," he said. "It is not a natural creature on Earth."

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