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Strange similarities between TITANIC and TITAN


As high as the building of eleven floors and nearly four blocks long houses, the Titanic was one of the largest and most beautiful ships in the world
(Pictured April 10, 1912).
April 1912, the dark Titanic in the Atlantic.
An unexpected tragedy that plunged the world in amazement.
Yet in 1898, the American writer Morgan Robertson, already imagine the sinking of the greatest fictional liner in the world, its name: Titan.
Titan and Titanic, 14 years apart but both ships were practically the same name and the same fate.


But most disturbing is that coincidences do not stop there.
In the novel 1898, the Titan weighed 70,000 t, it measured 243 m.

Inaugurated in 1912, the Titanic weighed nearly 70,000 t, it measured 268 m.

The Titan had three propellers.

The Titanic, three propellers.TITAN - TITANIC

Titan maximum speed of 25 knots.

The Titanic, 25 knots.

Number of lifeboats, 24 for the Titan.

Number of lifeboats, 20 for the Titanic,


The Titan can accommodate up to 3000 people.

Titanic a maximum of 3300 people.

Confusing similarities incredibly precise details.
But most impressive is that in 1898, the Titan is a pure literary invention.
The techniques are such that we can't even imagine one day build this kind of ship.
"In 1898, the technology is that of the nineteenth century.
This kind of ship did not exist in 1898, and for the manufacturers, this kind of ship will not exist.
Technically, we can't consider it has nothing build them and we mostly by money to build it.

And continuous coincidences...
The Titan and the Titanic were both under the British flag.

He had the same ballroom,
The same number of people in the orchestra,

The same telephone system,


A multitude of details included in the novel and that really come to life, fifteen years later.
But the parallel is really disturbing when one recalls the terrible fate that will experience these two boats.

In the 1898 novel, Titan sinks an April night around midnight after hitting an iceberg on starboard.

14 years later, Titanic sinks an April night at 23:40 after hitting an iceberg on starboard.

In both cases, the iceberg has been spotted at the last moment.
Which means thirty seconds before impact.


"One detail that shocks is that the two ships have been wrecked despite their watertight bulkheads."

In 1898, Robertson wrote in his novel that the captain of the Titan could close the watertight bulkheads, making the ship virtually unsinkable.

When you take the Shipbuilder, which is a shipping magazine specializing in marine technology in 1911,He writes about the Titanic, which the captain can at any time using an electric button, close watertight bulkheads which makes the ship virtually unsinkable.


The word is the same in both cases, and it is in both cases, with the word, the detail that caused the ship to flow: the famous watertight bulkheads,

During the fictitious sinking of the Titan, more than a thousand imaginary passengers disappear.

14 years later, the Titanic made more than 1,500 victims.

The survivors of the Titan are rescued by a ship bound for Gibraltar and the Mediterranean.

Those of the Titanic, are rescued by the Carpathia towards Gibraltar and the Mediterranean.


Disturbing similarities! How to explain so much unpublished information 14 years before the facts?
"I do not know what prompted Robertson to choose this subject, to choose all the details that today intrigue us.
It is still a rather extraordinary moment in the history of writing, to see how a man lost in the United States, succeeded with 14 years ahead, to predict, to write an event that was really going to take place ", Olivier Mendez.
Robertson claimed to write under the influence of an astral partner.
Nobody ever knew what that really meant.
In any case, this obscure author would soon have been forgotten if he had not had the clairvoyance
  The most disturbing of all the history of literature.

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