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The history of Stonehenge and its mystery

Amesbury SP4 7DE, United Kingdom
In splendid isolation, the extent flat, grassy, windy plain of Salisbury limestone, about 130 kilometers west of London, Stonehenge pose many problems for curious and, despite much research and theories remain for centuries, an enigma.
We do not even know who were the builders. The various functions to the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Druids, Danes, Buddhists, Hindus, Maya, survivors of the lost continent of Atlantis or even beings from another planet all have been denied. It is estimated that half of the stone monument has disappeared, leaving the soil depressions indicating their location; many others are overturned and broken.

Amesbury SP4 7DE, United Kingdom
There was no more successful in identifying the manufacturers of this work has to establish the exact functions. However, it is almost certain that he served a time of temple, as many prehistoric monuments that resemble it.
The highest concentration of megaliths (around 50 000 in all) is found in Western Europe and North Africa, but especially in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and Algeria. These monuments offer a wide variety of aspects. The simplest is the standing stone, isolated, called menhir.
More complex are the menhirs arranged groups or circles or semicircles, the stone circles or in rows extending for kilometers. A third type of megalithic monument is the dolmen which forms a kind of closed room, sometimes built in the open air, sometimes covered with a mound of earth. Stonehenge belongs to the second category, but it is by no means neither the largest nor the most ingeniously designed prehistoric works of stone or dirt Britain. But it still remains that he was the megalithic site that has generated the most interest.
Today, several megaliths attribute to mysterious forces. The standing stones, such as Stonehenge, to serve as drivers unexplained current, said telluric energy. Some forms are detected ultrasound and radioactivity.
In France, it was found that regions with abundant megaliths are also rich in uranium, which would explain this radioactivity. But how to explain strange phenomena like hallucinations that some undergo close megaliths?
How also explain the shock that received a man pointing a metal antenna shaped into ankh (ancient Egyptian cross) towards Stonehenge? Many questions remain unanswered and probably will forever. Who knows how these mysterious megaliths hidden mystery.
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