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Shocking News | An Alien Soldier Has Been Found On Mars ?

Alien on mars

A statue representing an alien soldier has been found on the surface of Mars. A bipedal creature that even appears to have some kind of battle uniform, this image can be viewed on the official NASA website: nasa.gov In addition to the uniform the alien seems to carry some kind of weapon. But what many wonder is whether it is actually a statue or a mummified person.
Some suggest the possibility that this soldier had been "petrified" with some type of weapon that has such technology. 
The experts say that it is an artificial "statuette", since they can not relate this figure to any type of rock formation known from Mars. There is no doubt that it is a very intriguing figure. But is it possible?
 There are many scientists who claim the incredible theory that life disappeared on Mars due to the existence of some kind of nuclear weapon. 
Is it possible that there was a war on Mars? Do not miss the following evidence:

Source: misterio.tv

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