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BUZZ | The Famous Shuffle Dance And A Tutorial To Learn How To Do It

 Shuffle Dance
The Shuffle is a dance step that comes from the "Melbourne Shuffle", a rave dance and nightclub that was created in the late 80s, during the underground rave musical show in Melbourne, Australia. The basics of the Shuffle are based on a fast heel-to-peak effect that works best with electronic music. However, the more modern Shuffle, made famous by the music video of LMFAO for the song "Party Rock Anthem" in 2009, took off in nightclubs and popular culture. To achieve this type of Shuffle, you must master the "T-Step" and the "Running Man" and learn how to move from one to the other. Here is a video tutorial for how to do it.

Melbourne Shuffle 

World Best Hard Shuffle

Shuffle Dance : 

Electro House 2016 - Bounce Party Mix (Part 8) - Shuffle Dance (Music Video)

★ Best Shuffle Dance Musical.ly Videos Compilation 2016 ★

A Video Tutorial For How To Do It:

Shuffle dance hướng dẫn nhảy đơn giản

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