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Two computers invented a secret language that no one knows how

Google brain
We knew computers capable of many things. But Google Brain, an artificial intelligence research program has just passed a new and potentially agonizing step. Two computers communicated with each other in a language that they themselves encrypted and therefore unreadable by humans.

Google brainGoogle Brain is a research program that experiences all sorts of things about artificial intelligence and its possibilities. The researchers of this cell are mostly specialized in the so-called deep learning, or how computers can function independently using algorithms. In this context, they managed to communicate between the two computers, Alice and Bob, using a language that they themselves had created. Alice was responsible for sending a secret message to Bob who was decoding to understand. A third, Eve, had commissioned him to decipher their language. He never succeeded.

The beginnings were laborious as it took no less than 15,000 attempts to reach a conclusive result. But over the attempts, researchers will realize that Alice will develop innovative and very different techniques of human technical coding to transmit its secret message.

Stephen HawkingIn a future more or less close, computers would be able to communicate in a common language that we, or other computers will not be able to decipher. Advances in the field of artificial intelligence are so spectacular that more and more voices are being raised to prevent potential dangers.

Stephen Hawking this could even mean the end of mankind.
 However, for researchers to Google Brain, it is not there.
For them the experience is an interesting exercise, nothing more.
Indeed, coding Alice may be original, it is nonetheless much more simplistic than the highly sophisticated encryption invented by man.

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