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Donald Trump still Insists that Autism is Linked to Vaccines

Donald Trump

President of the United States, Donald Trump, he believes that the vaccine is responsible for the epidemic of autism.

vaccin autism

He has already promised that when he’ll officially receive his duties (January 2017) will work to uncover the truth and said, “We will save our children and their future as well.”
Trump refused the formal confirmation that says there is no link between vaccines and autism. He affirmed that there was a fact disguising and “those who criticize will soon understand”

After Senators reject Donald Trump’s Vaccine-Autism theory, he added “I have many documented cases of people who work with me. Some time ago, a two and a half old boy, wonderful little boy, he got vaccinated. A week after he was running a high fever and has become very, very sick. Today he is autistic.”

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